Monday, May 28, 2007


Paris is beautiful, but although all its beauty it is not a city for me. In this ocassion French people were gentle and friendly, my French was also not so bad as usual, but in spite of this there is no click between Paris and me. Of course I do enjoy being at Orsay and at the Pompidou and the French cuisine is ART. The last day we went to "Au pie du Couchon" and that dinner was really unforgettable.


I confirm it: London is one of my favourite cities. I don't know why, but I feel "home" there... The first day was a typical London day, rainy and grey, but the other 4 the sun was shining.
My experience was fantastic. Of course I have visited The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, The British Museum, The Royal Academy of Arts, The Tate Modern, The British Tate and a lot of wonderful galleries near New Bond Street. For me the most overwhelming fact was the approach I have had to Euan Uglow's work! Later I will talk of him... he is one of the artists I admire more and I was lucky to be able to look at paintings that perhaps won't be shown again.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Canvases before London :)

These two oil on canvas (120 x 100 cm) are the last paintings I have made before my trip to London... I decided to show them, because I guess that after London I will be different. A good friend of mine once told me that a voyage is always a death .... and therefore a REBIRTH, I agree with this, when we travel all ordinary things seem to us extraordinary! We are always changing, but after a voyage we change even more.... As I see myself reflected in my paintings I will publish then the first paintings I will make after this Brit voyage.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Visions - Nuevas Visiones

New Visions is the name of the show at the Dolores Olmedo Museum in which I will be part of. The vernissage will be on saturday (June 2nd, 2007) and the exhibition will last three months, up to the 2nd september 2007. That will be a great forum.

This month has given me wonderful news, next week I will be flying to London... an appointment there... this is the first time I will be traveling for such a short time to Europe, I cannot stay longer because of my vernissage at the Museum in Mexico City. But this show sure worths it :)

London was for a long time my favorite city, then I visited other charming places... I am excited to see if London now has the same impact it has for me when I was a teenager. I don't know all these new wonderful constructions of Foster and will be quite an experience and besides all those art galleries. Besides now I am a painter, and my eyes have changed very much because of this...

I am very happy, I have just seen that Euan Uglow, one of my favorites painters is at the Marlborough Gallery on May. I will see Freud, Saville, Bacon, ... oh I cannot wait to be at Abbey Road.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

MACO 2007 Art ?

Last week I was in MACO 2007 the Mexican art fair. This is the third Art Fair I visited, I was also in Art Miami (USA) and in ArtBO (Colombia). In comparison with these other fairs, I can tell that I have seen much more painting in ART Miami and ArtBO than in MACO, here was just the opposite, much more conceptual art than painting. The places where the other fairs were settled were much more appropiate, I could be there the whole day and feel comfortable. At MACO after being there 3 hours we have to leave because it was impossible to breath with all that dust and smoke, and besides the heat was unbearable.

I am very happy to see the growth of an art fair in my own country but I am also very disappointed with the organization. Some gallerists with empty booths because the art works were still in custom house (Abel Neue Kunst) and nobody to help those gallerists who have invest in Mexico's Art Fair? How can we expect that people come back if organizers weren't able to provide the minimum confort?
I also want to say that I was pleased to see the place so crowded. People invest in art when their basic needs are fulfilled and Art tries to feed another type of hunger... a subtil and more spiritual one...because a piece of art may fascinate you, inspire you, sooth your soul and enrich your life...