Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Celtic Sky

Ireland is a magic place. It is impossible not to feel the urge of paint here. The landscapes, the colors...but above all the Irish Sky. I am used to live in a FLAT sky, so...being out of the blue in a place where the sky is really 3D was overwhelming for me, the sky is a living being, it moves, it transforms, it has depth, it talks to me...
I have bought a full set of brushes and watercolors...unfortunately the rain didn't allow me to paint at all .... so I will have to come back next year :) but I ought to do some sky painting!

Friends & Pubs

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kilkenny Arts Festival

Kilkenny is a fairy tale city... I am transported to another time when I walk through those alleys full of history:

Jacobean constructions, medieval bridges, castles, flowers on the Nore River.
The festival started yesterday, one of my paintings was sold a day before the festival started, and yesterday 3 more paintings were sold. The Gallery is tiny, as a medieval city all the streets are narrow and twisted. I love to see my paintings at the window gallery.