Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Less than an hour? Quantum Physics??? Stendhal Syndrom!!!

In my last post I wrote I have made the painting in less than an hour... For me it was LESS THAN AN HOUR! Everything was so smooth, and in a blink the painting was there. But time makes us tricks many times... maybe many hours have passed... but I didn't feel them, time is strange regarding paintings and art. Quantum Physics???
I remember when I was a teenager and I saw for the very first time Michelangelo's David in Florence, I was there for hours, standing there, paralized by emotion...for me I was there only a few minutes, but later I knew I was not, because my mother was yelling at me that she was already in the hotel and when she noticed I wasn't with my friends there she had to pick up a taxi back to the David and I was still there after so many hours!

That was the first time I suffered from the Stendhal Syndrom...

Therefore I wanted to post now this image. It is an image I love. It is from Ponte Buriano and was made by an Italian photographer: R. Tosato and his pinhole. Here time tricks us again. In order to make the picture done the pinhole box was a lot of time there, wide open... trying to catch the time... Buses and cars passed through the bridge, but the camera didn't catch them, it catched only the essential, in this case the essential was the bridge :)

Monday, September 17, 2007


I received an email where my gallerist in Kilkenny wrote me that "Ether" was sold to a woman in Dublin... This is the first time that I was not very happy, there are some paintings that are very special for me, like April 6, but in this case the painting was acquired by a very good friend of mine and I do enjoy that she owns it.
Deep in me I had the illusion that Ether was going back to me, I wanted to show it in Kilkenny because I do love that painting, it was one of those paintings that was made in very little time (less than an hour), it just flowed out of me and at the end I was surprised to look at it, as if somebody else has painted it instead of me... but it was also a part of me and it was strange looking at it...

Well, the painting will be in Dublin, a city that I love, a city where part of me comes from.... maybe it is good that ETHER is now in Dublin, maybe it is the best place for it...

I have therefore changed my homepage... Ether is the gate to open it....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Francis Bacon studio

When I was in Dublin I visited Francis Bacon's studio. Here I am posting the pics, it is so a chaotic place. Bacon said he needed chaos in order to create... when I finish a painting my studio is a chaos but I cannot start another painting unless I tide up everything, the less I see around the better, I wonder how did he manage to paint in a place like that?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

More watercolors

Thursday, September 06, 2007

New watercolors after EIRE

When I was in Ireland I was rapt by the landscape...I have bought a full set of watercolors and drawing blocks because I wanted to catch in paper the deep emotions of ecstasy I was experiencing, but I didn't succeed because always when I was going to start a painting it started to RAIN :(
So... now that I am back in Mexico I have started again with my human landscapes... and I now realize that what I like most in the world is to grasp the sensuality of a feminine body, to seize the most primitive roots of my inner being...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

(No) Name & Face?

When I was very young I had a singular experience. I was traveling through train between two German Cities when a very good-looking man sit in the same cabinet I was. After some minutes we started a conversation, it was so charming and smooth that we were curious to ask more about each other, but then we realize that the chat was in fact so intimate, so passionate and free due to the fact that we were indeed strangers, so we decided to continue the talk without knowing nothing about each other. That incredible and deep charm resided precisely on the unknown.
After 3 hours the train arrived to its destination, he was eager to know more details about me, but I decided to leave it to casual…

We never met again, but I remember those 3 hours as one of the most erotic moments I have experienced in my life although we don’t really even touch each other.

9 Years ago I had another singular experience…. Although this one was not at all an erotic one, it was about friendship ... yes, friendship. I have found a friend in the Internet, he is a writer and we share so many things together. The condition of this friendship was that I didn’t know his face, I told him never to send me a picture and the friendship was fantastic under this premise. But he wanted to know me, and just after my trip to Ireland he came to Mexico to meet me. It was strange, although he has a nice face and a wonderful conversation, I realize that the deep friendship I have had with him is death. I don’t know why but I cannot share with him my things… just because I know now his face.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Dublin was the cherry on the cake :)

Once I have heard that Ireland was a Mediterranean Island that has out of the blue shifted to the North.... I agree with that! I am sooo proud of my Irish blood :))))))) Next year I will be back....