Monday, November 12, 2007

New Award

Sometimes Life surprises me... during all this period I was unable to paint due to my eagerness. Yes, my life is giving a 180˚ turmoil. Where will I end up living? London? Perth?
And now without expecting it I received a grant for an Artist Residence in Spain. I post part of the letter I received:

"Estudiadas y analizadas las candidaturas finalistas ha decidido conceder al proyecto presentado por Vd. la beca en residencia III MILENIO para la RESIDENCIA INTERNACIONAL MIRADOR DEL JUCAR y el INSTITUTO RURAL DE ARTE HOZ DEL JUCAR
La Comisión de Asignación de Becas de la FUNDACION KARRVAZ ha decidido admitir la pro-puesta y CONCEDERLE LA BECA III MILENIO - KARRVAZ EN RESIDENCIA 2008 por un periodo de 30, 60 o 90 días y una asignación de 500, 1000 y 1500 €uros en función de las necesidades del proyecto a desarrollar (que no tiene porque ser el mismo que presentó a la UNESCO) y de su economía personal."

But I have to choose now and I cannot make up my mind if I do not know yet in which part of the world will I be and when???!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ron Mueck

Darth intorduced me to this hyperrealist London based Australian sculptor. I must confess that I love his work and I cannot wait to see his work in real. What I like most is how he plays with scales.
What do you think?