Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thank You 2007 and welcome 2008!!!

I want to thank this year that gave me so many precious things....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Xmas!

I THANK my dear friend Lety and all her wonderful family: Doris, Bob, Guillermo and Manuel because they invited us, me and my son Luis to have Xmas with them and we did feel sooo at home! It was a fantastic Christmas and I got to know wonderful people as Mara, Ashley, Alma, Waldo, Mauricio....
Thank YOU Tisha!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The most beautiful day of your life

The most beautiful day of your life … sometimes when it turns up, you don’t know that it is the most beautiful day of your life. You wake up one morning as usual, go to the bathroom and do all the things you use to do in other days. It could even happen that you are on delay and that you go out in a hurry and a lace is broken, like it happened to me today, and you curse and you don’t imagine that this one will be the most beautiful day of your life.
Did you ever ask yourself, which one was the most beautiful day of your life? Maybe it was not the one you were expecting. Your wedding day, your degree and all those dates full with expectations. It appears out of the blue, whenever you less expects it.
The most beautiful day of your life … sometimes you discover it after it was the most beautiful day of your life, because as long as you are living it you don’t recognize that it is happening. You reconstruct it later. Maybe you get to know a person that in that instance doesn’t tell you anything and later changes your whole life. Or you carry out a gesture, which escapes notice, and as time goes by you discover that it has just determined your fate. And later on you don’t do nothing but think of it and rethink of it a thousand times inside yourself. And now, with hindsight, you realize that this one was the most beautiful day of your life. And you regret it, that it has already gone away.
In my case I don’t know which one has been the most beautiful day of my life. Maybe it was the time in which I have broken my leg. Or maybe not… Maybe it is today when instead of giving ten thousand Euro to Don Vito I have aimed at winning Covalto. But the more the horses were reaching the wining post, the more I felt I have done a foolish thing and in fact Don Vito ‘s gang have strangled me and put me inside a car’s trunk and I don’t have any idea where are they taking me. But I keep on waiting to get rid of the mess somehow. And I do hope that the most beautiful day of my life could still turn up and has not yet passed away.

This short story was written by Antonio Zoppetti, I just translated it. I recommend you heard this beautiful story in Italian from his lips at:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Junk food... Junk body?

We are definitively what we eat. I like very much to cook and most times I eat a mediterranean diet. But yesterday my day was disorganized, I drank 5 cups of coffee (after 2 months of no coffee at all) and I could not cook so I decided to buy junk food: hamburger, coke, chips... My body is now very sensible, so during the night I could feel a kind of pain in my bones, as if they were loosing calcium, but the worse was today during my yoga practice. My yoga class was ashtanga, that is an aerobic kind of yoga... I did feel the chaos that junk food and too much coffee have done to my body. I was without breath and at half class I couldn't continue doing the warrior poses, because my blood pressure was too low.

Junk food makes your body turn to junk too...

I know this blog is about painting, I was very stressed because now I am not able to paint... now I decided to be more relaxed. I am flirting with painting and without pressure painting will come back to me, sooner or later... So, I may talk maybe about the experiences I am having now, in some way what I am experiencing with my body will have a direct influence to the canvas, because I paint above all what a woman body may reflect with a pose :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


“Painting” is a very possessive lover. “He” doesn’t allow you to leave him for a long period of time. I you dare to do that then you have to suffer in order that he comes back to you.

That has happened to me. After Ireland I stop painting and I strove all my being in trying to be there or at least very near… Luis believed in that dream and the dream came truth. We have got the residence in England. Luis is already there, me and the kids will reach him in 8 months…

8 Months! That seems so much for me. It seems so much because I feel lonely…
I thought I would never ever feel lonely because I have my painting. That’s the problem, I abandon painting for a while and now I am struggling in order that “he” comes back to me. I keep doing “painting things”: drawing, canvas preparation, impasto, etc. It is like loosing a lover and trying to flirt and seduce him in order that he comes back.

Darth told me that loneliness is dangerous because it attracts bad memories. She is right.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


He flied today to London...
I am very happy and at the same time very blue..............