Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White Xmas in London

This is going to be our very first WHITE Christmas!  We  happen to live just in front of Clissold Park and when we saw through the window how beautiful white everything was,  we took our bikes and went to the park.  We saw dogs playing and hiding themselves in the snow... the children, the snowmen, the deers! everybody was happy and one of the things I enjoyed the most was to see the ducks slipping over the frozen pond.
What a wonderful day was this winter solstice!!!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

painting with water and dream

All this year I was struggling to get a studio in London.  I needed a place in which I can make oils.
I was offered some places but with the condition of being a "clean" artist, that means not to use oil because it smells.  Finally we moved to a bigger flat and I decided to make my studio at home.  Here I can paint in the media I want.
And? After longing for so long for oil paintings...  I am making watercolors! Is it something intrinsic to a painter, to be so irrational?

Yesterday I had a weird dream.  I dream I have found my hand.  This hand was separated of me... but I wasn't shocked due to this fact but to the fact that the hand, my hand was very ugly.  So I took a look to my hand, the one that is of course bond to my body and I was shocked to see it was just as ugly as the hand that was alone... does this has anything to do with what I am experiencing nowadays?


Todo este año he luchado por conseguir un estudio en Londres.  Necesitaba un espacio en el cual pudiera pintar óleo.  Me ofrecieron algunos espacios con la condición de ser un artista "limpio", eso significa no usar óleo por el olor.  Finalmente decidí tener mi estudio en casa, aquí puedo pintar en el material que me dé la gana. Y? Después de desear por tanto tiempo pintar al óleo ... estoy haciendo acuarelas!  Será algo común de los pintores ser tan irracional?

Ayer tuve un sueño muy extraño.  Soñé que encontraba mi mano.  sta mano era un objeto separado de mi... pero yo no estaba consternada por esto sino por el hecho que la mano, mi mano era muy fea.  Entonces decidí mirar mi mano, la que tengo pegada a mi cuerpo y mi consternación fue el percatar que esa mano era igual de fea a aquella que estaba sola... tendrá esto algo que ver con lo que me pasa ahora?