Friday, November 11, 2011

New West End Exhibition: Free Painters and Sculptors

Free Painters and Sculptors Winter show 2011
Conflict and Resolution
International terrorism, the global banking crisis, London riots, travelling on the
tube, a hair in your food, running out of toothpaste, toe nails in the bath,
….Conflict and resolution is evident in the severe to the mundane; the macro to
the micro; the serious to the trivial.
Conflict and resolution also represents the artist’s creative process – the mind in
a state of flux, inhabited by the conflict of subject, colour and contrast leading
ultimately to the resolution of the finished work.
November’s show 'Conflict and Resolution' brings together the best of the long
established art group – Free Painters and Sculptors – and demonstrates their
eclectic style in interpreting this unsettling theme.
About FPS
FPS is an eclectic group of painters, printmakers and sculptors whose works
range from the traditional and delicate to the bold and contemporary. All embody
the ethos of the group’s founding principle – namely to be free from the
constraints of populist art movements and fashions.
The group was established in 1952 and was originally associated with the ICA
(Institute of Contemporary Arts). The founding members featured many high
profile and influential artists, including Henry Moore.
During the fifties and sixties it played a significant part in the establishment of
abstract art, the first of a number of post war movements that freed artists from
the orthodoxy of rigid ideals, and became a forerunner of the current
postmodern ideals of free expression.
‘Conflict and Resolution’ marks the penultimate show for FPS before its 60th
anniversary in 2012.
20–26 November 2011 | Preview 24 November 2011, 7pm
La Galleria
30 Royal Opera Arcade | Pall Mall | London SW1Y 4UY
Featuring artists
Cos Ahmet | Dijana Bekvalac | Lorenzo Belenguer | Simon Burder | David Davies
| Caroline Falkland | Malcolm Franklin | Rosina Flower | Odette Farrel | Kasia
Kaldowski | Mariusz Kaldowski | Gabriel Parfitt | John Parfitt | John Mackenzie |
Pete Murry | Piky | Robert Perry | Roy Rasmussen | James Reynolds | Bruni
Schling | Ines Szamrey | Kate Wilson |


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